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Environmental drilling & sampling is generally done for phase II environmental assessments of commercial, government, and residential properties. By drilling through the soils and/or through the desired water table(s) environmental investigations of the soil and water can be done to determine the presence and/or concentration of contaminants in the water table. When all of the environmental drilling is completed to depth, we are then able to install 1″- 2″ monitoring wells through our drill tooling.

This type of drilling is done for many reasons, such as: monitoring environmentally sensitive sites, real estate transactions, testing sites that already have known contamination to see the extent of the spread of contamination, and determining the unknown source of contamination.


Soil samples are retrieved in a similar manner to that of geotechnical drilling.  The split spoons are required to be washed using potable water with an Alconox detergent powder in-between samples to help prevent cross-contamination.

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