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Ensuring our drillers are fully qualified and prepared for every job they go to is very important to us. We want our clients to be fully satisfied with how the job is completed and with our Driller's performance.

The Pontil Driller Training Program is a very thorough program that ends in very positive results.


Our senior operators will designate a successful candidate via an Operator Training Request Permit. This permit will be reviewed by the Approval Committee and if/when the permit is approved, the Driller Trainee will participate in the Operator Training Program.

To meet the minimum standard of approval the helper must have begun the Assistant Well Technician License process with the M.O.E., have an up-to-date First Aid certification, have a complete understanding of the Pontil Driller's Manual, and must have been free of any safety infractions (minor or major) within the last 90 days

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During training, members of management will do regular check ins and evaluations of the Driller Trainee's abilities. Management will also consult the Senior Driller providing the training to see if they believe the Driller Trainee is progressing.

With this training program, we have been able to create some of the safest, most qualified, and all around best drillers in the industry.

Pontil Drilling is very proud of our hardworking Drillers and we hope our clients are too.

Check out the OUR DRILLERS page to get to know everyone!

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