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Our team of licensed and skilled technicians can provide a variety of geotechnical services for site investigations. Whether you need soil and rock samplings or an evaluation of ground conditions, we use a variety of specialized machinery for any job size.

Geotechnical drilling is a type of drilling that’s performed as part of the construction process. This is mainly carried out for structures such as buildings, bridges, cell phone towers, roads, etc.  Soil and bedrock samples are retrieved using various drilling techniques to test for stability, density and  other factors that may influence the construction process.

geotech splitspoon.jpg


The split spoons are pounded into the native soil using a hydraulically driven 140lbs hammer with a 30” free fall.  The clients count how many times the hammer hits, in 6” intervals, up to 2 feet. The soil is collected for analysis and the drilling continues until the target depth is reached.  

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