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Ontario implemented Reg 406 governing the sustainable reuse of excess soils. During drilling, soil is dug up and either won’t or can’t be reused so it must be transported off site. Negligence and improper management of this soil can have many effects on the province including ground water contamination and other environmental concerns.​


Soil cuttings and/or drilling slurry, a mixture of drilling fluid and soil cuttings, are created as a byproduct of the drilling process. This soil is typically stored in 45-gallon drums or 8-yard soil bins to safely contain the contents for the duration of the drilling project. Upon completion of the project, once the condition of the soil has been determined, the soil is arranged to be removed from site and disposed of at an appropriate soil management facility.


​If the soils we take out of the ground are below a certain threshold of contamination, Pontil Drilling can arrange for the soil removal. Although, if the soils are above that threshold and are considered “contaminated”, our clients will have the drummed soils removed and relocated to an appropriate management facility determined by a Qualified Person.

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