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We respect the environment, and we make its protection a priority. Taking all necessary steps to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment is critical for EVERYONE'S future. Complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards are a behaviour-based practice for us.​


We prioritize pollution prevention by having the entire Pontil fleet of drills and service vehicles equipped with spill kits that are visible and easily accessible. Reducing the environmental impact caused by our operations are continually monitored and improvements are developed to ensure the protection of biodiversity, the conservation of natural resources, and to minimize our carbon footprint and noise pollution.​


Preventing cross contamination from sample to sample or hole to hole is also imperative, not only for the protection of the environment but also for accurate and effective sampling. When required, tooling such as split spoons, augers, rods and PPE will be cleaned thoroughly by means of specialized soaps, scrub brushes, power washing and water collection stations/tubs. This ensures there is no cross contamination from one sample to the next, that the contamination is contained during the cleaning process and allow the client to collect the samples they need without error.



Mechanical Spills: Drill rigs require constant care, lubrication and maintenance. A well-maintained machine not only limits breakdowns and down time but also the safety of our employees and health of the environment by avoiding spills. With a fleet consisting of new machinery along with its skilled team of veteran mechanics, Pontil not only prevents breakdowns before they happen with industry leading equipment, maintenance and workmanship, but with the know-how and problem-solving skills necessary to get the rig up and running when in a pinch. At Pontil, our drillers perform a drill rig checklist at the beginning of each shift on site. This checklist includes checking the tightness of fluid filters, checking for leaking fittings and hoses and inspecting fluid levels. These are all preventative measures taken by our team to ensure leaks are fixed promptly or avoided all together!​


Sediment Control: When dealing with water and drilling fluids, we understand the importance of sediment control and prevention and have the tools and experience necessary to mitigate it. Silt fencing along roadways, silt socks near watercourses, filter cloths on catch basins and terramats/mudmats on soft ground are some of the many ways we take precautions to limit our impact on the environment around us.

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